Farmer Uncle

IMG 0870  Version 2

I like this photograph because of the old man’s expression and the background of the roots exposed. There was a conversation going on between the two generations – I have a got a slice of that. Then, look at the difference in the two expressions.


Farmers, 27 November 2005, Haldi Village, (Near Kolhapur) MH, India


7 thoughts on “Farmer Uncle

  1. That’s a fantastic quid pro quo,Atul..loved the pic..
    Oldman’s expression comparing with those roots behind..very gud..


  2. Came from Ganga’s blog.
    Loved this pic..Not only the difference of expressions but their body language like their standing postion!! Old man’s standing position ‘s quite balanced.
    And i loved ur description on Ganga’s post.
    I’ve been there on gaizabonts so many times..but never dropped in..Usually i don’t comment..
    But this post brokedown my reluctance..hehe..


  3. Atul,
    Both of our posts lead to another climax!! Just visit my blog for the details..And i’d love to place this pic im post if you agree!!


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