Against Light

Against Light, originally uploaded by atulsabnis.

I am continuing the light series, if nothing, then just to run a theme as long as I can. Light does make things look beautiful – even a piece of garbage – like this one at the steps near More London.

July 12, 2006, More London, South Bank, London, United Kingdom



6 thoughts on “Against Light

  1. My repertoire for photographic appreciation is really limited — and more so my ability to articulate my thoughts about them. It’s all very intuitive… And on that count, this is amazing picture. I cannot analyse it more.

    i agree with above comment… has a very professional feel to it.



  2. ==Amit:
    Thank you. I guess – it eventually boils down to the beholder (I won’t mention the cliche). Any art form or piece is eventually valued in what value people are willing to place on it – and this value is only in the beholder.


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