The Angle Bar

The Angle Bar, originally uploaded by atulsabnis.

There are possibly two reasons why architecture fascinates me. One, because I wanted to be an architect and could never be one. The other, if you haven’t guessed already – The Fountainhead.

When I look at buildings, just from the outside, or have a chance to get in – Howard Roark echoes in my head. If you are like minded, then this video is worth watching. The book of course is a catalyst to help you think – either ways!

PS: This is a shot from a relatively neglected film camera that I am getting more drawn to – after having lost my photographic sense to the convenience of the digital camera.

July 12, 2006, South Bank, More London, United Kingdom


4 thoughts on “The Angle Bar

  1. oh well, why does it all sound very familiar 😉

    i never wanted to be an architect, technology had claimed me a bit too early for that, but i have been through this phase of looking at all buildings through Roark’s eyes.

    that apart, a beautiful shot. although i hate, now, buildings which have zilch natural ventillation. they look great but they’re a pain to work inside.



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