Brick Wall

Brick Wall, originally uploaded by atulsabnis.

Going back to the thought of light. And its play of something as uninteresting as a brickwall.

When we “hit a wall”, does it look anything like this?

August 20, 2006, London, United Kingdom


6 thoughts on “Brick Wall

  1. hello,

    i’m a high school student working on a short literary publication, and i wanted a more urban feel for the cover which would better resound with our audience. i searched for “brick wall” on Google (haha) and found this picture immediately. i was just testing it out for a second to see what it would look like (i told myself i’d go and take my own picture of a brick wall sometime), but now i look at it and i really believe that there is no other substitute for this picture. with your permission, is it possible that i could use this?

    thank you


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