A Postcard from Murud

A Postcard from Murud, originally uploaded by atulsabnis.

There is only one way I describe this photograph – this is not Tahiti – this is Murud-Janjira, Konkan, India. I loved the play of light this evening – all friends were walking hand in hand where the surf met the beach. Sushma, her broken leg, and I were here, taking in the view. Murud, Konkan, India

July 24, 2004, Murud, Konkan, India


5 thoughts on “A Postcard from Murud

  1. Sigh! I love the beaches (not to mention the coastal food!)
    Strangely I’ve never been to Murud-Janjira even though it’s on my list for god knows how many years.

    This is a beautiful capture. The frame is excellent and the cloud details with that sort of light are also impressive.

    Hey, there is this site, dudseascrawls.com, a group of mostly Indian bloggers, that I’m part of. Would you be interested in joining in? There are a few guys there who also have a group on flickr for sharing their works and get feedback. The invitations are more or less open. Have a look and let me know.



  2. ==Lavanya:
    Welcome to Pratikruti. I guess that is true about most Heritage sites in India. It boils down to us…

    Thank you, this is one ome favs. I’ll check out dudeseascrawls, let you know. Thanks for the invite 🙂


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