Tungsten Frame

Tungsten Frame, originally uploaded by atulsabnis.

My first experiments in using the tungsten filter. Frankly, I never paid any attention to that setting in my camera. Then, when i discovered it, all my photos seemed a bit ‘blue’ πŸ™‚

Multiple spaces.

July 10, 2006, Central St. Martins College, London, United Kingdom


6 thoughts on “Tungsten Frame

  1. Happy Diwali;) FInally inaugurated your blog to make it extra special (ain’t I ‘tweetheart)…
    Must say, I like your main blog teample (Gaizabonts), this one showcases ur pics in agreat way, except that it looks very crowded..
    luv ur pics…will b back regularly.


  2. man!
    now i need a camera of my own
    i always had this desire
    now its a necessity
    lets see when i’ll realise my dream
    thats a nice collection u’ve here πŸ˜‰


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