Caught by the Camera

Caught by the Camera, originally uploaded by atulsabnis.

This is what I meant, when I said I was hooked on to the Tungsten setting. This is a sculpture of a camera near Queen’s Walk, South Bank. (I wish they had used Canon as a model)

And this photo is relevant today because the whole of last week I have been on a decision yo-yo on the newly released Canon 400D. Adi‘s recent comment didn’t help. 🙂

February 8, 2006, South Bank, London, United Kingdom


10 thoughts on “Caught by the Camera

  1. Atul: muujhe bhi thoda photogrpahy ka gyan dena…:( guess wat, for whatever reason, I felt that your new space looked overcrowded. I changed my mind. Looks great today. DOnt ask…


  2. gyan comes from experimenting and looking at other ppl’s photo – and its ok @ look – have been waiting for a good dark background template for sometime and i guess i found it.


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