A Heart far Away

2522: A Heart far Away

I see you.
I love you.

Red Tulips, 30 April 2006, Regents’ Park, London, UK


The Morning Promise

2761: Sunrise in Puducherry

There’s the morning promise I have seen
It starts with your rising
And shines bright through the day.

Promenade, 18 May 2014, Pondicherry

The Dome


Maybe the dome and the spires
Were meant, so that we could connect.
I can speak with you, without them.

St. Paul’s Cathedral, 4 March 2008, London, United Kingdom

All Seasons

Antonio Took the Summer Away

In the harsh season scorched by the sun,
Languish man and flock, and the pine is afire;
The cuckoo begins to call, and soon after,
The turtledove and the goldfinch are heard singing.

Zephyr sweetly blows, but Boreas suddenly
Enters into a contest with its neighbour;
And the little shepherd weeps, for he fears
The awesome threatening storm and his fate;

Antonio Vivaldi, Concerto No.2 in g minor, RV 315, “SUMMER” Allegro non molto

All Seasons Collage, 28 April, 2007, Kew, London, UK

Fun with Clouds

Sky Dreams

A skyhorse, perhaps
When you see a seahorse,
In the sky.

Clouds having fun, 20 September 2007, Mumbai, MH, India

Chaos to Clarity

9422: Light Burst

Clarity is not a given.
Chaos is.
And only through chaos, after sifting, classifying, segregating, and allocating can there be clarity.
But it is never a given.
It will always have to be taken.

Evening Street Lights, 30 July 2012, Mumbai, MH, India

Stories on Steps

0477: Things; V&A

These steps know of all the comings and goings,
And a few other stories too.
They don’t tell them, however.

V&A Museum Steps, 16 June 2007, London, UK

Angles in the Sky

There’s a way to reach the sky
Even if we don’t have ladders to climb.

Buildings & Facades, South Bank, London, UK.

A Blue Angle

A Blue Angle

I must go and meet with danger there,
Or it will seek me in another place,
And find me worse provided.

Henry IV, 2.3.48-50, William Shakespeare

Staircase, 4 November 2007, South Bank, London, UK

Matter of Indifference

Above all, life for a photographer cannot be a matter of indifference.

~ Robert Frank