Beauty in the Corner

Hello, there!

From one corner, slowly
Beauty beckons.
In my rush, I fail to recognise.

White Lotus, 17 June 2006, Kew Gardens, London, UK


The Road to Discovery

IMG_6065 - Version 2

You and me, we will sit someday,
And we will sort this out; know the truth.
Discover ourselves.

Snow on Branches, 24 January 2007, Enfield, London, UK

Beyond Walls


I am able to see you
Beyond walls thick and dense.
I create in my mind.

Room with a view, 12 July, 2006, South Bank, London, UK


Pencils - 2

Write me
in black graphite
With colour.

Pencils, 22 June 2006, London, UK


Turbine Hall

I am
My Family.
They are me.

Family of Three, 1 June 2008, Turbine Hall, Tate Modern, London, UK

I Exist

Windows Live

In these modern days
I cannot send smoke signals
You can see me.

Mayor’s Office, 1 June 2008, London, UK

Coloured Skies

A Coloured Sky

From wherever I see
Let there be colour
My Basics
Will remain
Black and White.

Fourth Plinth, 13 June 2008, Trafalgar Square, London, UK

Captured Clouds

Captured Clouds

If I could
I would
Hold on to you

Glass Building, 1 June 2008, South Bank, London, UK

Lines of Light

Lines of Light

You see in straight lines
I do not
The shapes of lines
tell us
what we see.

Long Exposure, 10 February 2008, Millennium Bridge, London, UK

See Me?

Angles & Curves

Even through glass windows,
You fail to see me

Glass Building, 1 June 2008, South Bank, London, UK