8761: Closer to the Waves

8761: Waves

Someday we will be overwhelmed,
And it will seem too heavy to bear.
But, if we are together.


Waves close-up, 21 April 2012, Malvan, MH, India


Gold in Red

5506: Yellow in Red

Deeper, within me
The colour shines.

Macro, 9 September 2006, Kolhapur Museum, Kolhapur, MH, India

A Heart far Away

2522: A Heart far Away

I see you.
I love you.

Red Tulips, 30 April 2006, Regents’ Park, London, UK

Hearts & Bones

9154: Hearts & Bones

You take two bodies and you twirl them into one
Their hearts and their bones
And they won’t come undone.

~ Paul Simon, Hearts & Bones, Hearts & Bones

Twisted Pairs, 29 May 2012, National Park, Borivali, Mumbai, MH, India

Summer Relief

0700: Summer Relief

Parched in this unbearable heat,
A few drops,
Allows me to wait for you just a little bit more.

Drops on Leaves; 3 March 2013, Mumbai, India

Hide, My Love

6034: Between the Green

Hide, my dear love,
I’ll see you even then.
My heart seeks only you.

White Flowers in Grass, 22 September 2011, Goa, India

If Only

1317: Corner Colour Burst

Only if you will see me,
I will be with you.
In the most unlikeliest places.


Flowers on the Mountain, 2 December 2005, Mahabaleshwar, MH, India

In Red


I have often found
myself lost in there.
The world is not tinted there.

Red Flowers, 17 June 2007, Kew Gardens, London, UK 

Beauty in the Corner

Hello, there!

From one corner, slowly
Beauty beckons.
In my rush, I fail to recognise.

White Lotus, 17 June 2006, Kew Gardens, London, UK

Flowers on a Roof

IMG_0151 - Version 2

What made it beautiful, I wonder
The way it was made, or
The way I looked at it.

Flowers on a Roof, 2 March 2010, Mahabaleshwar, MH, India