The Morning Promise

2761: Sunrise in Puducherry

There’s the morning promise I have seen
It starts with your rising
And shines bright through the day.

Promenade, 18 May 2014, Pondicherry


Fun with Clouds

Sky Dreams

A skyhorse, perhaps
When you see a seahorse,
In the sky.

Clouds having fun, 20 September 2007, Mumbai, MH, India

The Evening Signature

7060: The Evening Signature

Signed and sealed,
I’ll be back tomorrow,

Sunset, 1 January, 2012, Malpe Beach, Udipi, KA, India

Your Embrace

1314: Sahyadri Mountains

Your embrace,
Swells my heart.
Makes it a mountain.

Sahyadri Mountains, 2 December, 2005, Mahabaleshwar, MH

Light, My Way

8946: Love the Light

“I will love the light for it shows me the way, yet I will endure the darkness because it shows me the stars.” ~ Augustine “Og” Mandino

Lighthouse, 24 April 2012, Devbag (Malvan), MH, India


9981: Hello, Sun

I just flew by.
To Say Hello.


Parachute at Sunset, 1 March 2010, Panchgani-Mahabaleshwar, MH, India

Over Many Oceans

5970: Over Many Oceans

Over many oceans,
Across the many skies.
I am homeward bound.


Airplane over Bay of Bengal, 28 August 2011, Madras (Chennai), TN, India


2127: Sahyadri

Hold me in your arms
Like you will never let me go.
I am your child.


Sahyadri, 18 December 2010, Garudmachi, MH, India

On Every Road

Express Energy

On every road,
I have left a bit of myself.
I’ll always be with you.

Mumbai-Pune Expressway, 9 January 2010, Khandala, MH, India

Days Will Pass

I'll See You, Tomorrow

In my Today,
Is ensconced an image.
We shall see, Tomorrow.

Sunset, 23 February 2009, Goa, India