Fun with Clouds

Sky Dreams

A skyhorse, perhaps
When you see a seahorse,
In the sky.

Clouds having fun, 20 September 2007, Mumbai, MH, India


Angles in the Sky

There’s a way to reach the sky
Even if we don’t have ladders to climb.

Buildings & Facades, South Bank, London, UK.


9981: Hello, Sun

I just flew by.
To Say Hello.


Parachute at Sunset, 1 March 2010, Panchgani-Mahabaleshwar, MH, India


0954: When

When no road is in sight,
And all others have been walked upon
I will fly.


Antony Gormley’s Event Horizon, 10 August 2007, South Bank, London, UK

Over Many Oceans

5970: Over Many Oceans

Over many oceans,
Across the many skies.
I am homeward bound.


Airplane over Bay of Bengal, 28 August 2011, Madras (Chennai), TN, India


2127: Sahyadri

Hold me in your arms
Like you will never let me go.
I am your child.


Sahyadri, 18 December 2010, Garudmachi, MH, India

Standing Mystery


My mystery
Is within me
Light passes through stones.

Overcast, 17 August 2008, Stonehenge, UK

Who Would Care?


If you waste your time a-talkin’ to the people who don’t listen,
To the things that you are sayin’, who do you think’s gonna hear.
And if you should die explainin’ how the things that they complain about,
Are things they could be changin’, who do you think’s gonna care?

~ To Beat the Devil, Kris Kristofferson

Millennium Bridge, 4 March 2008, South Bank, London, United Kingdom