8761: Closer to the Waves

8761: Waves

Someday we will be overwhelmed,
And it will seem too heavy to bear.
But, if we are together.


Waves close-up, 21 April 2012, Malvan, MH, India


Summer Relief

0700: Summer Relief

Parched in this unbearable heat,
A few drops,
Allows me to wait for you just a little bit more.

Drops on Leaves; 3 March 2013, Mumbai, India

Beauty in the Corner

Hello, there!

From one corner, slowly
Beauty beckons.
In my rush, I fail to recognise.

White Lotus, 17 June 2006, Kew Gardens, London, UK

One White Tear

Your tear-drop, a million pearls.

Cry as much as you have to
I will hold your tears.
Our sorrows will be our own.

White Flower, 7 June 2009, Goa, India