6905: Long Way from Home

6905: Long Way from Home

There are no destinations, 
Just the places,
Where we meet.

Camels on a Beach, 30 December 2011, Malpe, Karnataka, India  


Working Hands

3102: Working Hands

For as long as they work,
I will live.
Their activity fuels my life.

Rope Weaving, 20 April, 2008, Puthota, KL, India

The Bubbles

7785: Boy & the Bubble

When one bubble bursts,
I’ll blow another.

Bubble Boy, 12 February 2012, Kala Ghoda Arts Festival, Mumbai, India

From now, Forever

8771: With this, I Thee Wed

From this moment on,
Till eternity itself.
I live in this moment.

Wedding, 1 November, 2009, Mumbai, India

The Guarantee

IMG_20090223_2599 - Version 2

Only one thing
I am sure of.
You and me, together.

Sunset, 23 February 2009, Goa, India

An Empty Heart


Some songs have no sound
They have only a feeling.
My empty heart, yearns for more.

Wedding Singer, 8 March 2008, Somerset, UK.

Time Flew

Haji Ali - 3

Time blurred past me
on wheels of busy incidents.
I was with you, all the time.

Haji Ali, 3 December 2008, Mumbai, MH, India

Years I Have Seen


I have seen a timeline
Whiz past this lined face.
It has slowed down recently.

Rama, the Farmer, 21 December 2008, Kolhapur, MH, India


Turbine Hall

I am
My Family.
They are me.

Family of Three, 1 June 2008, Turbine Hall, Tate Modern, London, UK


Boatman - 3a

Even after I leave
The water will remain
Your way.

Backwater Boatman, 20 April 2008, Puthota, Kerala, India