4622: Something Like My Mind

4622: Something Like My Mind

And we’ll see what it looked like
When the shards are put together.
There was a dream; there is a dream.

Glass facade of a building, Aurangabad, MH


1587: A Window in my Wall

1587: A Window in my Wall

I have seen out of so many windows
I don’t recognise one
When I see it from outside.

Window in a Traditional House, 24 December 2005, Vengurla, MH, India

3325: The Blow

3325: The Blow

So that we may never feel it,
Let it be there.
That which will soften it.

Rickshaw Spring, 29 April, 2013, Mumbai, MH, India

All Seasons

Antonio Took the Summer Away

In the harsh season scorched by the sun,
Languish man and flock, and the pine is afire;
The cuckoo begins to call, and soon after,
The turtledove and the goldfinch are heard singing.

Zephyr sweetly blows, but Boreas suddenly
Enters into a contest with its neighbour;
And the little shepherd weeps, for he fears
The awesome threatening storm and his fate;

Antonio Vivaldi, Concerto No.2 in g minor, RV 315, “SUMMER” Allegro non molto

All Seasons Collage, 28 April, 2007, Kew, London, UK

Chaos to Clarity

9422: Light Burst

Clarity is not a given.
Chaos is.
And only through chaos, after sifting, classifying, segregating, and allocating can there be clarity.
But it is never a given.
It will always have to be taken.

Evening Street Lights, 30 July 2012, Mumbai, MH, India

A Blue Angle

A Blue Angle

I must go and meet with danger there,
Or it will seek me in another place,
And find me worse provided.

Henry IV, 2.3.48-50, William Shakespeare

Staircase, 4 November 2007, South Bank, London, UK

The Weave

9287: The Weave

One thread at a time
Together and with a lot of care.
We’ll weave a fabric of permanence.

Tangled Wires, 1 June, 2012, Nagothane, MH, India


1004: Untitled

What’s unsaid will remain so,
But in our mind,
the din will continue unabated.

Kitchen, 29 July 2007, London, United Kingdom

Impressions of Impressionism

8432: Impressions of Impressionism

Sometimes I see your face
As if through reading glasses
And your smile, it seems softer than it was

~ Paul Simon, Proof, The Rhythm of the Saints

Bougainvillea in a Blur, 19 April 2012, Chiplun, MH, India



Let me rest awhile
Lay down this burden.
It has been a while.

Building Structure, 2 September 2010, Mumbai, MH, India