Light Gate

1049- Panhala Fort

On a really hot afternoon (yes, even in November) when the sun was bang over our heads; when every photograph looks like it has been overexposed – this image was a near miracle. And while the photo can’t tell you, it was really very cool here. Taken at the Teen Darwaza (Three Gates) at Panhala. Three successive doors, not in a line, meant that the gate could be approached only at awkward angle that required three turns. This helped slow down and trapped the enemy – so they could never attack in full force – it took a good deal of time to get inside the fort.

The philosophical premise of the photo intrigues me. The gate, that doesn’t open.

Teen Darwaza, 29 November 2005, Panhala Fort, Kolhapur, India


4 thoughts on “Light Gate

  1. Fantastic shot! Great lighting effect..felt it just like how ManiRatnam uses lighting so nicely..
    And the idea of Teen Darwaza’s pretty clever..tnx for sharing the info.


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