Hide, My Love

6034: Between the Green

Hide, my dear love,
I’ll see you even then.
My heart seeks only you.

White Flowers in Grass, 22 September 2011, Goa, India


The Guarantee

IMG_20090223_2599 - Version 2

Only one thing
I am sure of.
You and me, together.

Sunset, 23 February 2009, Goa, India

Thoughts in a Tangle

IMG_7970 (1)

Thoughts travel without roads to guide them
And go wild in their quest to get to somewhere.
The image of you is always constant.

Lotus bud, 7 June 2009, Goa, India

In the Grip of Beauty


The body of your beauty
In the fist of my hand
An imprisoned heart beats in love.

Flowers, 7 June 2009, Goa, India

Light, My Prayer


I light one here amongst others,
So that you can see.
My thoughts I send as silent words.

Candles in the Wind, 5 June 2009, Goa, India

One White Tear

Your tear-drop, a million pearls.

Cry as much as you have to
I will hold your tears.
Our sorrows will be our own.

White Flower, 7 June 2009, Goa, India

Days Will Pass

I'll See You, Tomorrow

In my Today,
Is ensconced an image.
We shall see, Tomorrow.

Sunset, 23 February 2009, Goa, India