IMG_9767 - Version 2

Let there be no more
Of being locked to the past
Unshackle the shackles.

Rope on a Boat, 28 February 2010, Chiplun, MH, India


The Last Glass

IMG_8846 - Version 2

After we are finished with them,
We shall lay them upside down.
Till the last glass.

Glasses, 9 January 2010, Lonavala, MH, India

Light, My Prayer


I light one here amongst others,
So that you can see.
My thoughts I send as silent words.

Candles in the Wind, 5 June 2009, Goa, India

Music from Yesterday

Gondhali Instruments

Play me the memory
We lived three lives ago.
My today has holes in it.

Gondhali Instruments, 25 December 2008, Kolhapur, MH, India


Pencils - 2

Write me
in black graphite
With colour.

Pencils, 22 June 2006, London, UK