4545: Street Art

4545: Street Art

Messages for us,
Lying on the streets.
If only we knew.

Street Art, May 18, 2014, Puducherry, India



3645: Ode to Gaitonde

3645: Ode to Gaitonde


Even when you face,
The tallest wall of them all,
There will always be a way.

Archway in the Wall, 26 December 2014, Gol Gumbaz, Bijapur, KA, India

The Dome


Maybe the dome and the spires
Were meant, so that we could connect.
I can speak with you, without them.

St. Paul’s Cathedral, 4 March 2008, London, United Kingdom

Angles in the Sky

There’s a way to reach the sky
Even if we don’t have ladders to climb.

Buildings & Facades, South Bank, London, UK.

The Bridge

7670: The BWSL Sea-link

A bridge is proof that we have shortened
Time and distance.
So that we can meet again.

Bandra-Worli Sea Link, 12 February 2012, Mumbai, India


Private: No Admittance

I walk under covered ceilings
held by columns.
Your shoulders.

Columns, 17 August 2008, Salisbury Cathedral, UK

Standing Mystery


My mystery
Is within me
Light passes through stones.

Overcast, 17 August 2008, Stonehenge, UK

I Exist

Windows Live

In these modern days
I cannot send smoke signals
You can see me.

Mayor’s Office, 1 June 2008, London, UK

Coloured Skies

A Coloured Sky

From wherever I see
Let there be colour
My Basics
Will remain
Black and White.

Fourth Plinth, 13 June 2008, Trafalgar Square, London, UK

Captured Clouds

Captured Clouds

If I could
I would
Hold on to you

Glass Building, 1 June 2008, South Bank, London, UK