4622: Something Like My Mind

4622: Something Like My Mind

And we’ll see what it looked like
When the shards are put together.
There was a dream; there is a dream.

Glass facade of a building, Aurangabad, MH


8761: Closer to the Waves

8761: Waves

Someday we will be overwhelmed,
And it will seem too heavy to bear.
But, if we are together.


Waves close-up, 21 April 2012, Malvan, MH, India

8630: Keep the Faith

8630: Keep the Faith

I’ve kept it all together,
Bound the strings I could.
Don’t leave me, as yet.


Nylon Strings, 21 April 2012, Sindhudurg Fort, Malvan, MH, India

1587: A Window in my Wall

1587: A Window in my Wall

I have seen out of so many windows
I don’t recognise one
When I see it from outside.

Window in a Traditional House, 24 December 2005, Vengurla, MH, India

3325: The Blow

3325: The Blow

So that we may never feel it,
Let it be there.
That which will soften it.

Rickshaw Spring, 29 April, 2013, Mumbai, MH, India

Gold in Red

5506: Yellow in Red

Deeper, within me
The colour shines.

Macro, 9 September 2006, Kolhapur Museum, Kolhapur, MH, India

Fun with Clouds

Sky Dreams

A skyhorse, perhaps
When you see a seahorse,
In the sky.

Clouds having fun, 20 September 2007, Mumbai, MH, India

Chaos to Clarity

9422: Light Burst

Clarity is not a given.
Chaos is.
And only through chaos, after sifting, classifying, segregating, and allocating can there be clarity.
But it is never a given.
It will always have to be taken.

Evening Street Lights, 30 July 2012, Mumbai, MH, India

Hearts & Bones

9154: Hearts & Bones

You take two bodies and you twirl them into one
Their hearts and their bones
And they won’t come undone.

~ Paul Simon, Hearts & Bones, Hearts & Bones

Twisted Pairs, 29 May 2012, National Park, Borivali, Mumbai, MH, India

The Weave

9287: The Weave

One thread at a time
Together and with a lot of care.
We’ll weave a fabric of permanence.

Tangled Wires, 1 June, 2012, Nagothane, MH, India