A Heart far Away

2522: A Heart far Away

I see you.
I love you.

Red Tulips, 30 April 2006, Regents’ Park, London, UK


The Dome


Maybe the dome and the spires
Were meant, so that we could connect.
I can speak with you, without them.

St. Paul’s Cathedral, 4 March 2008, London, United Kingdom

All Seasons

Antonio Took the Summer Away

In the harsh season scorched by the sun,
Languish man and flock, and the pine is afire;
The cuckoo begins to call, and soon after,
The turtledove and the goldfinch are heard singing.

Zephyr sweetly blows, but Boreas suddenly
Enters into a contest with its neighbour;
And the little shepherd weeps, for he fears
The awesome threatening storm and his fate;

Antonio Vivaldi, Concerto No.2 in g minor, RV 315, “SUMMER” Allegro non molto

All Seasons Collage, 28 April, 2007, Kew, London, UK

Stories on Steps

0477: Things; V&A

These steps know of all the comings and goings,
And a few other stories too.
They don’t tell them, however.

V&A Museum Steps, 16 June 2007, London, UK

Angles in the Sky

There’s a way to reach the sky
Even if we don’t have ladders to climb.

Buildings & Facades, South Bank, London, UK.

A Blue Angle

A Blue Angle

I must go and meet with danger there,
Or it will seek me in another place,
And find me worse provided.

Henry IV, 2.3.48-50, William Shakespeare

Staircase, 4 November 2007, South Bank, London, UK


Going West

After all obstacles were overcome
I saw you, within reach.
I ran aground.

Old Rusty Boat, 28 April 2007, Watermans Park, Brentford, London, UK.


1004: Untitled

What’s unsaid will remain so,
But in our mind,
the din will continue unabated.

Kitchen, 29 July 2007, London, United Kingdom


0954: When

When no road is in sight,
And all others have been walked upon
I will fly.


Antony Gormley’s Event Horizon, 10 August 2007, South Bank, London, UK

In Red


I have often found
myself lost in there.
The world is not tinted there.

Red Flowers, 17 June 2007, Kew Gardens, London, UK