4622: Something Like My Mind

4622: Something Like My Mind

And we’ll see what it looked like
When the shards are put together.
There was a dream; there is a dream.

Glass facade of a building, Aurangabad, MH


Angles in the Sky

There’s a way to reach the sky
Even if we don’t have ladders to climb.

Buildings & Facades, South Bank, London, UK.

The Last Glass

IMG_8846 - Version 2

After we are finished with them,
We shall lay them upside down.
Till the last glass.

Glasses, 9 January 2010, Lonavala, MH, India

Beyond Walls


I am able to see you
Beyond walls thick and dense.
I create in my mind.

Room with a view, 12 July, 2006, South Bank, London, UK

I Exist

Windows Live

In these modern days
I cannot send smoke signals
You can see me.

Mayor’s Office, 1 June 2008, London, UK

Captured Clouds

Captured Clouds

If I could
I would
Hold on to you

Glass Building, 1 June 2008, South Bank, London, UK

See Me?

Angles & Curves

Even through glass windows,
You fail to see me

Glass Building, 1 June 2008, South Bank, London, UK